Toy Talk: Guardians of the coolest toys in the Galaxy, #GotG

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I predict Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is going to blow audiences away this August. We caught an early screening of the film and were totally impressed. I wrote about the movie on

Asher instantly fell in love with the movie’s most bizarre (and cute) duo, Rocket Raccoon and Groot. Rocket is a gun-toting raccoon with an attitude, while his buddy Groot is a kindly tree, that is, until you threaten his friends. The two mercenaries are some of the most memorable characters brought to screen in recent memory.

Hasbro sent The Talking Dad a really great sampling of toys that are sure to be the envy of every tiny marvel fan this season!

I was surprised at my son’s affinity for the Infinite Series Figures. The smaller scale, more photo-realistic toys aren’t usually his gig. He must be getting older! The line come shipped in an assortment of characters; we received the Gamora figure. She’s amazingly posable, which is good, because in the film she kicks butt!

BIG BLASTIN’ ROCKET RACCOON Electronic Action Figure
This was Rhys’ toy right out of the box! It’s a larger scale toy than the rest of the line, about 10″ tall, or the size of a raccoon! Anyways, the hero brandishes his prized gun that’s almost as large as he is! When you press a button, Rocket spouts infamous catch-phrases and “shoots” his weapon. There are no projectiles, but the small animal does wiggle around and his ears go crazy because of the sheer power of the gun.

The Rocket mask got big time play out of Asher. It was an even bigger hit at the advance screening we attended. Hasbro is very consistent with releasing at least one mask that corresponds with the franchise. It’s usually an electronic talking version of the character, but this Rocket Raccoon is very much different. When your child (or dad) wears the mask and talks, the mask responds with winking eyebrows and wiggling ears. It is sooooo cool!

The role-playing fun continues with Nerf getting in on the cosmic action. The foam-dart gun company re-created Star-Lord’s hand guns from the movie. It’s dual action, dual firing; basically four actions in one toy. The first trigger engages the weapon, the second fires darts. This one is a lot of fun for kids that like to pretend battle…like Ashman.

BATTLE GEAR Mini Action Figure Assortment and MILANO Starship
The kids were least impressed with the BATTLE GEAR Mini Figures for one obvious reason: if you hand out a large Rocket or tiny Star-Lord to a child, they gravitate to the bigger toy. They do however fit nicely inside Star-Lord’s MILANO Starship. I enjoyed this toy the most because it brought back memories of the Millennium Falcon. It looks nothing like Solo’s smuggling starship, but once you’ve seen the film, you’ll immediately draw comparisons between Peter Quill and Han Solo, and their chosen professions.

Your kids (and you) are going to LOVE this movie and the toys! They are available now in your local toy stores and box box retailers.