The Dino Construction Company is taking over Sand Boxes!

In Product, Review, Toys by Chris

We had a fun new toy show up last week at The Talking Dad toy testing institute. It arrived just in time for the unveiling of our new sandbox.

That toy is the Dino Construction Company T-Rex! In short, my little guy absolutely loved it. But let me tell you more about this fantastic creative toy.

The Dino Construction Company Wrecker T-Rex is a strikingly fun, brightly painted toy. It’s made of tough plastic that feels and is (so far) performing wonderfully in the tough environment of our sandbox. Professor Pooks plays hard, lots of growling and stomping about, and nary the evidence of damage exists on his new dinosaur skid loader.

He calls him “Dan”, by the way, named after one of his favorite television shows: Dino Dan.

Dan functions in a number of amusing ways, most notably, his ability to scoop and move earth with his strong kid-powered jaws. He can also swing his tail, and he even leaves footprints in his wake. Dan is cool, and he’s helping to develop that sense of wonder and creativity within my little Pooks. We’re looking forward to adding more Dinos to our collection.

The Talking Dad is excited to announce that you have an opportunity to win your very own Dino Construction Company toy! Simply complete the form and cross your fingers!

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