The 10 Awesomest Must-Have Toys in 2014

In Product, Promotional by Chris

Top Toys List ReAction Back To The Future
10. ReAction Figures
ReAction brand figures have been making big waves in the toy world. Announced at San Diego Comic-Con last year, Super7 brand unveiled a set of retro “Kenner-style” Aliens action figures that had toy collector’s absolutely giddy (myself included). Well, Super7 is at it again, now partnering with Funko to release more cult-favorites. Among our personal likings are Marty McFly, The Predator and The Goonies Gang, along with Terminator and Snake Plissken. All toys are scheduled for release early this summer.
Top Toys List LEGO Ecto 1
9. LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 and The LEGO Movie Sets
LEGO is out for world domination this year. Coming off the heels of the uber-successful movie adaption, The LEGO Movie, the company is releasing numerous sets of scenes from the film. The Sea Cow (Metal Beard’s Pirate Ship) is my favorite. However, the real prize is in their ever-expanding licensed sets, like the super cool Ghostbusters Ecto-1 vehicle. There’s something for every age group in LEGO’s schedule this year, and we couldn’t be more excited.
Top Toys List HexBugs Aqua Bots 2
8. HexBug Aquabot 2.0
The Talking Dad is late to the party when it comes to HexBugs. I’ve noticed the eye-catching Hex Bugs at Target almost every visit, but for whatever reason, have never made a purchase. But then recently, our kids were treated to an awesome sampling of Transformers: Age of Extinction figures. The sampling just so happened to contain a HexBug battle arena, with bugs wrapped in Transformers skins and customizable armor and weapon sets. Asher and I were hooked on the fun immediately. Upon further research, I came across another cool HexBug item: the Aquabot 2.0. These little bots mimic aquatic sea life and swim around in water tanks. We can’t wait to demo these for you!
Top Toys List Transformers Grimlock 1-Step
7. Transformers 1-Step
I made this Instagram video review claiming Hasbro’s newest line of Transformers toys, featuring a single-step swap between vehicle and robot modes, as a parents dream come true. I stand by those words. As a kid, I was constantly struggling to find the perfect combination of moves to transform between modes, but usually came out with a warped ball of metal. The engineers were hard at work developing these 1-step changing figures. They are simple and fast, and my kids don’t have to beg me every 10 minutes to transform them. They are amazing.

Also of interest: Transformers: Age of Extinction will introduce a host of new robots, including the highly anticipated Dinobots, lead by Grimlock. It’s in theaters June 27, 2014.