Review & Giveaway: Marvel Super Hero Mashers

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Introducing the ‘Marvel Super Hero Mashers!’ The Mashers come in three variations: the basic figures (suggested retail $9.99), the battle upgraded figures (suggested retail $14.99) and an electronic figure (suggested retail $19.99). However, not every Marvel character is represented in all three variants. For the purposes of our review, The Talking Dad received a basic Spider-Man and a battle upgraded Thor.

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The ability for children to mix and match toys in pursuit of creating their own unique vision is a time-honored tradition of playtime. The Super Hero Mashers facilitates this by offering a line of toys that are perfectly and infinitely interchangeable.

Packaging is absolutely frustration-free. This has become a pet peeve of parents due to the ever increasing level of difficulty built into product packaging nowadays. There are no ridiculous twist ties or miniature (invisible) rubber bands to deal with. The action figure torsos, limbs and accessories just pop out and can be enjoyed immediately.

First impressions are that these are solidly built toys. The figures are solid plastic, not hollow or cheap-feeling. The iconic characters are represented with accurate, bright color and a fair amount of muscular detail. These aren’t cinematic pieces, they look more or less like they were modeled direct from the comic books.

In depth play revealed surprisingly well-built toys. Some of my little guy’s favorite toys were a similar product that let him swap robot limbs and heads, but the connecting joints were very fragile and would break off within weeks of purchasing. I was skeptical, but that problem does not exist here, as after a few weeks of play, the joints still feel extremely stout and make solid connections.

We created our own Marvel Super Hero Masher. His name is ‘Mighty Spidey’. We wanted him to be recognizable as Spider-Man, but also wanted to “bulk” him up. By combining the torso, arms and legs of Thor with the head and web-slinging hands of Spider-Man, we achieved a Super Hero that could easily make the leap into the pages of Marvel. Just think about, Thor gets bitten by a radioactive spider. It could work!

It is with great pleasure that Hasbro has allowed me to give away a Marvel Super Hero Masher to one lucky reader! To enter: like us on Facebook, share on Twitter, then submit the entry form. You will be given an opportunity to share the contest on your social networks which will earn you an additional 5 entries for every referral.

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