Review & Giveaway: Crayola’s #Create2Destroy Dino Destruction

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The Talking Dad household doesn’t own many modeling clays. The big brand stuff would crumble, turn to stone, and stain everything. We just don’t indulge much ’round these parts.

But then Crayola reached out to us to experience their new Create 2 Destroy product line, featuring their proprietary Morphix Construction Compound. Morphix is a soft-grit non-crumbling martian modeling compound. Okay, well it may not be from Mars, but this stuff turned out to be really awesome stuff. Crayola also asked if we would create a short Instagram video featuring our new Create 2 Destroy products. Pal received the Dino Destruction Metropolitan Mayhem set (see the entire line-up) and immediately became inspired – he’s been wanting to remake scenes from his favorite giant monster movie, Pacific Rim. We do these kinds of videos all the time for fun, so the kid made daddy proud by his suggestion!

[one_half]We were pleasantly surprised to find the Dino Destruction kits were stuffed full of goodies, making it a wonderful value. In the box, you get three different colors of Morphix, 19 molds, a play mat, dinosaur figures and volcano launchers. Check it out on Amazon. I made a point to study the Morphix compound upon delivery and discovered the product worked as advertised. It does not crumble when smashing and tossing the product around. It is extremely moldable, yet not overly sticky either. Morphix may be from outer space after all.

Pal and I spent the next half-hour creating a cityscape with a ton of traffic. We had our dino’s razing the city in minutes and then…started all over again. The Create 2 Destroy sets are highly replay-able because everything cleans up and rebuilds pretty quickly. The molds have many different forms so that each scenario can be uniquely customized. We got carried away destroying our cities! Crayola made believers out of this family.

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Check out our Create 2 Destroy movie on Instagram and please give us a vote as your blogger favorite! If we win, we get 10 more Create 2 Destroy sets to give away! Our video is titled “The Talking Dad”.

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