Review & Giveaway: Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods Endor Chase

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Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods GiveawayA strange and unfortunate accident occurred when Pal began launching Angry Bird Rebel Birds at the evil Pig forces of the Galactic Empire. One slip and his iPad came crashing down to the floor. A few little boy tears later, and we were up and running again. This time on my iPhone.

The loss of an expensive iDevice can really sour the mood right before playtime. Thankfully, my little Pal really enjoyed his new Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods playset. He found hours of enjoyment – and that’s what matters most. The ABSW Telepods work by blurring the line between video game (in this case, the Angry Birds Star Wars II app) and “board game”. The board game (as I like to call it) is a fantastic departure from the Angry Birds app gameplay, by bringing the flying-bird action out into the real world. Read our review of the excellent AT-AT Attack Battle playset. In previous iterations, players would launch little rubber action figures at stacks of blocks, emulating the video game behavior. The new playsets take the fun up a notch! What we have here is a slightly smaller playset modeled after the infamous Endor chase scene. The slingshot is replaced with an Empire Speeder Bike! Just pull back on the bike, release and….blam! Knock those Stormtrooper pigs from their bikes!

The new app still manages to impress, with fun graphics, challenging gameplay, and the trademark (amusing) antics. A device called the Telepod does the heavy lifting of “transporting” your game figure into the app. It’s extremely easy and the kids will think it is way cool! During gameplay all you do is set your token atop the Telepod base, place it over your iDevice camera and voila! your game token is now inside the game app! Check out the included VINE video for a demonstration.

All in all, the new Telepods are really fun and my Pal has sunk a ton of time playing with the set and app. At around $20, you will need to determine if bringing the fun outside of the app is worth it to you. If players just want to enjoy teleporting unique and exclusive figures (not normally found in the app), Hasbro also has figure-only sets for about $6. In our family, we are invested in other ABSW sets, so this was a natural and welcoming addition. It’s good, clean, affordable fun! You just can’t beat that.

The Talking Dad is excited to offer our readers an opportunity to take home Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods: Endor Chase, just enter below!

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