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VLOG #003: CHRISTMAS POEM written from the heart…burn.

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FTC Disclosure: Pepto-Bismol provided compensation and free product to conduct this post. The opinions and narrative are my own and not that of the sponsor.

People often ask us how we celebrate the holidays in our tiny home on wheels. Honestly, it’s not much different than any other traditional Christmas. There’s the usual pomp and circumstance, you know, stuff like decorating, family gatherings and gift-giving; but there’s also that glorious feast that follows an arduous morning of toy assembly and garbage collecting. The food, I suppose, is mom and dad’s reward for pulling off Christmas morning… although, that reward can sometimes have consequences.

Indigestion is my holiday curse. Pepto-Bismol is my pink best friend. We call it #PinkRelief.

There are two dishes that have always delivered immense joy, as well as immense discomfort during the holiday feast. Those dishes have become tradition, which also includes the inevitable chugging of the pink stuff.

“Spicy Tamales and Sweet Pecan Pie, oh how I love (and loath) thee.” Seriously though, I can inhale a whole pie and a baker’s dozen of tamales in a single sitting. And I say that with enthusiastic embarrassment.

This ridiculous process inspired me to write a poem (check out the video too).

’Twas the night of Christmas, when all through the house, daddy was stirring, much like a mouse.

You see, mommy had cooked a giant feast with care and daddy happily ate all that was there.

He tried to nestle all snug in his bed, but visions of sugar plums haunted his head.

Mama slept soundly, daddy couldn’t stay put, for he felt in his tummy something afoot.

When deep in his underpants arose such a clatter, he sprang from his bed to attend to the matter.

Away to the bathroom he flew in a flash, he tore open the cabinet, it made a loud clash.

“No aspirin! No cough syrup!
You will not do!
I need something fast,
to cure this poo poo!”

And then, in a twinkling, the bottle stood tall, pink and pretty, it was Pepto-Bismol!

Daddy drew in the cure and instantly found, relief in his tummy, chest and rump round.

His eyes they did flutter, his smile grew big. He found #PinkRelief in that glorious swig.

He sprang to the bedside, to his wife gave a whistle, she knew of his plight and gave a prompt dismissal.

But that didn’t discourage or make him ashamed, for he held no regrets of the days supper he proclaimed.

He drew under the covers and whispered this right, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a comfortable good night.”

Do you have any gastric traditions similar to mine? Well I sure as heck would like to hear about it! Yes, really!

By the way, Pepto-Bismol paid me a hefty sum of money and provided free #PinkRelief in exchange for promoting their brand and sharing a personal experience with the product. The story and opinions expressed are my own.