Hot summers call for energy-efficient NewAir AF-1000R Cooler, #AD

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Here we are approaching the hottest time of year and I can only imagine what my friends and family back in New Mexico, must be going through right about now. You see, the Talking Dad family haven’t always resided in the magnificent 4-season climate of Michigan. We are transplanted from the very dry, very hot southwest desert. Roof-top evaporative coolers (or swamp coolers as we so lovingly call them) were an absolute necessity, however, they weren’t always capable of cooling an entire home. Portable evaporative coolers were our saving grace.

But here we are in Michigan. The summer sun isn’t scorching, but our upstairs bedrooms get ridiculously uncomfortable toward midday. Our home is freezing in the basement, cool on the next two floors, and blazing upstairs. Heat rises. Consequently, our traditional AC unit runs frequently throughout the day. We are victims of a cruel, skyrocketing energy bill in the dog days of summer.
NewAir AF-1000R Portable Evaporative Cooler
Portable evaporative cooler to the rescue.

My experience with portable evaporative coolers is that they’re not particularly handsome. Without a fair amount of styling, they can look like industrial box fans. I came across a design, recently, that may interest those readers in the market for a highly functional yet energy efficient and attractive cooling appliance. As an added bonus, this product also combines an air purifier to freshen the air as it cools your space.

From the product description: The NewAir AF-1000R Portable Evaporative Cooler with Air Purifier allows home owners to enjoy fresh, clean and cool air on a hot summer’s day. Along with being super powerful, it also looks fabulous, with a simple but striking shade of red. The AF-1000R will cook, freshen and clean the air in any small to medium sized room up to 300 square feet. Not only will it save you money over the costs of traditional air conditioners powered by refrigerants, but it is also a better choice for the environment and your family as well. This earth friendly cooling method does not require any harmful chemicals or refrigerants to operate. The AF-1000R will do more than cool the air in your home; it will also purify the air as it cools. The Ti02 air filter and ionizer removes harmful allergens, dust, debris and smells from the air. With this portable evaporative swamp cooler, you are sure to breathe a little easier. When temperatures drop below 90 degrees and/or humidity is over 30%, the unit will perform as a fan.

You can’t beat the quality and value of this cooler according to the numerous 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Our family is expecting our third child in October. My wife, bless her heart, struggles to remain cool and comfortable during her pregnancy. I’d love to surprise her with a NewAir AF-1000R cooler for our upstairs bedroom!

Purchase the NewAir AF-1000R Portable Evaporative Cooler directly from NewAir’s Product Page.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, paid for by NewAir. Opinions are our own.