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Koogeek Smart Surge Protector

The Koogeek Smart Surge Protector is my favorite new HomeKit-enabled smart device. Unlike similar smart plugs, the Koogeek protects our sensitive electronic appliances from potential power surges. It allows for connecting up to three “dumb” appliances, each independently controlled and monitored through Apple’s Home app. It is the perfect device for monitoring the electronics in our kid’s bedrooms because they have a tendency to leave things running all day. With automations and geofencing, I can ensure everything is powered down and not inflating our energy costs. The Koogeek is a fantastically designed product that feels high quality and has operated flawlessly in our weeks of testing. If you’re looking to add home automation and safety to your “dumb” devices, then look no further than the Koogeek Smart Surge Protector. Consider purchasing from Amazon with our affiliate link.

  • HomeKit Certified

    The Koogeek Smart Surge Protector is Apple HomeKit certified. HomeKit is protected by Apple’s stringent security protocols and end-to-end encryption. No worries about hijacking your connected devices.

  • Siri and Remote Access

    Siri makes it easy to check if a device powered through the Koogeek Smart Surge Protector is running and, if desired, shut it down. If paired to an Apple TV running an updated version of tvOS, the Koogeek can be remotely operated via mobile device. No more wondering if the kids left the house with their TV and PlayStation running.

  • Multi-function Power Strip

    Not only does the Koogeek Smart Surge Protector provide a trio of AC outlets, each connected appliance is independently switchable and independently controlled through the Home or Koogeek app. Want to shutdown your connected lamp, but keep the stereo jamming? No problem. The Koogeek is also MFi certified and can power up to three USB devices simultaneously.

  • Simple Setup

    Setting up the Koogeek Smart Surge Protector is super simple under the Home app. Just click the + and select Add Device. The Home app can detect nearby devices or you can use the camera to scan the Koogeeks HomeKit barcode. The Home app understands the device and you can start assigning labels to your connected devices, setup automations, etc. If using Koogeeks app, you can instantly view power consumption statistics.