Hasbro’s Iron Man 3 toys get major upgrades

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Professor Pal was particularly excited about his latest toy evaluations this week. Comic book reading is a staple activity at The Talking Dad Institute, so when anything superhero arrives at our doorstep, kids start going nuts. Iron Man 3 is the latest Marvel Studios entry (read our movie review here), so Hasbro followed suit with some great products inspired by the high-octane flick.

Iron Ashman

Iron Ashman blasting his enemies with the Iron Man 3 ARC FX Gauntlet

ARC FX Mission Mask
The newest Iron Man mask to hit store shelves is the Iron Man 3 ARC FX Mission Mask. This mask sports new sound effects like Tony Stark quips and ARC blaster sounds. The most notable additions to this release are the missile blasters attached to the sides of the mask, a targeting system and a glowing visor. The missile blasters add quite a bit of fun, but also make this one of the heaviest masks in our arsenal.

Motorized ARC FX Gauntlet
Hasbro released the Motorized ARC FX Gauntlets with an onboard foam disc shooter. It is much similar to the Captain America shield, as both use a motor and trigger to launch projectiles as far as 20 feet. Unfortunately for mommy and daddy, the motor is super loud. This is an outdoors toy if there ever was one. The gauntlet is incredibly detailed and really does shoot far!

Assemblers Battle Vehicle
The Assemblers toys promote the most creativity in the Iron Man 3 line. The Battle Vehicle comes with an Iron Man action figure with interchangeable weapons and arms. Stark’s car can launch the hero out of his seat and toward his enemies, which adds an amusing element to the playset. The Assemblers Battle Vehicle turned out as the Professor’s recommended pick of the bunch, due to its incredible replay value.

Catch the film while its in theaters then head out to your local toy retailer to check out the new line of Hasbro Iron Man 3 toys!



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