Hasbro’s AGE OF ULTRON toys stronger than Infinity Stones

In Product, Review by Chris

Durable. That’s the key takeaway when considering Hasbro’s latest line based on the super-franchise, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Disclaimer: I was provided free product for purposes of this review. Opinions are my own.

The guiltiest pleasure of managing this dad blog is getting to play with toys. Sure. I tell them (the marketing agency) this is strictly for review purposes. But it’s not. We really just want to play.

That’s really the crux of our newest project: Avengers: Age of Ultron by Hasbro. This updated product line dials down the flash to focus on durability. Each of our samples received an absolute beating at playtime. No less than 10 neighborhood kids (we all share a rather large communal backyard) spent the better part of a Saturday recreating the epic Battle for New York from Avengers. The results of such intense toy abuse? Barely a scratch.

Don’t forget to watch our unboxing/review/battle video above!

Thor’s Battle Hammer
I honestly thought Thor’s Battle Hammer would be the first to hit the garbage bin due to its foamy composition. The hammer utilizes Nerf’s expertise with soft formable materials; the quality is everything you’d expect from the brand. While not the most esthetically detailed toy, it holds up against even the rowdiest of children. This one was Pookie’s favorite…he is worthy.

Iron Man’s Arc FX Armor
We’ve owned quite a few variations on Tony Stark’s infamous repulser gloves. From gentle cloths to big clunky plastic contraptions. They’ve all been retired. We think Hasbro has struck the perfect balance with their Age of Ultron product. Both gloves are made from tough rubber material, with one glove also containing an electronic repulser that makes genuine arc sounds. Totally Pal’s favorite of the group since it is motion-activated and soft enough to open and close the fist with ease.

Hulk Gamma Grip Fists
Before you write these off as just another set of Hulk hands, please let me say these are the best Hulk hands we have ever had the pleasure of playing with. Why? Unlike the previous set we owned, which featured just a molded closed-fist, these gloves open and close so you can grab stuff as well. Simple yet fun. The adults even played catch football wearing them. Again, not even a scratch. No doubt, my favorite.

Hulk Mask
I believe the masks that Hasbro is churning out is awesome value, and the Hulk face is by far the best of all of them. There doesn’t seem to be much difference between this version and our old other than the updated product packaging. Word of warning: don’t accidentally scare your infant son! Oops.

Don’t forget to watch our unboxing/review/battle video above! I think you’ll like it!