Gift Guide 2014: Stunning LG OLED TV’s are at Best Buy this #HintingSeason

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When I was a teen, my dad purchased a spectacular big screen TV in which he would meticulously dial-in the picture. The hours we spent calibrating that television is comical, but I get it. Those observations of his obsession had a lasting impression, like when convincing my wife that dark blacks and accurate color production are paramount shopping considerations. We shopped around for our home cinema nearly five years ago and those expectations scored us an LG 55″ LED SmartTV. The picture quality was unmatched (for LED) by any other demo at Best Buy, the price was competitive too. Our TV is still performing at a high level today, and we have become LG loyalists as a result.

But all good things come to an end. Innovation in this highly competitive space has leaped beyond our current setup. It’s time for upgrades at the Talking Dad Cineplex. It’s #HintingSeason.

I’ve already found the next high-definition display to join our family: the LG OLED TV. It’s available on-line at and at Best Buy stores for $3499.99 ($500 savings). Allow me to explain the decision to hint at my wife, that this should be our next TV.


LG’s newest panel features technology called “Infinite Contrast” ratio. This tech allows each individual pixel to light-up on its own, producing the whitest whites and blackest blacks ever seen in a home television set. LG’s innovative display includes a white sub-pixel in addition to the conventional red, green and blue, improving the overall color expression. These two features contribute to a display that delivers phenominal depth and realism.

If the innards aren’t enough to get you giddy, then consider LG packed everything into a super slim cabinet; it is almost pencil size (.21″), at its thinnest point. Lightweight and handsome. While I’m on the talking point of handsome, let me include that webOS’s redesigned menu’s are much cleaner than my current LG. They’ve designed the software to serve up your favorite content in a much more organized and intuitive fashion. Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, they’re all here and look great. And don’t get me started on the voice-controlled remote. Learn more about the LG OLED TV here.

#HintingSeason is at Best Buy! The LG OLED TV is a fantastic display if you’re in the market to upgrade.

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