Getting STOKed about RV Grilling

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Nothing excites me more about spring season than the aroma and celebration of outdoor grilling.

Disclaimer: I was provided a unit for purposes of this review. Opinions are my own.

Our RV Future
I guess it’s as good a time as any to announce that we’re investing in an RV. Yup. No longer are we tied down to city life when there’s so much to see across this great country of ours. The future is bright, but so much planning is needed to get us over a very large hurdle.

It’s an early checkmark, but my friends at STOK Grills heard about our future life on the road and offered one of their portable gas grills for review…uhh…yes please!

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Getting STOKed
I’m no chef, but I enjoy the challenge of producing flavorful fire-grilled meats and vegetables for my family. Sometimes I’m great, sometimes I’m awful, mostly it’s…edible. All kidding aside, after all these years of outdoor chef-ery, I know what I want in an outdoor cooking apparatus.

The STOK Gridiron Portable Gas Grill surpassed my expectations in each category I find important: heat retention and dispersement (minimal hot spots), grill surface and durability.

Let’s first talk about hot spots. Nothing is more frustrating to me than finding 3-4 burgers turning into stone while the others continue to moo. No one wants to constantly herd cattle around the pasture. I find less shuffling of the protein yields juicier results. My STOK Gridiron accomplished this feat exceptionally well. The single shielded burner is close to the cast-iron grates and circles the grill perimeter, delivering an awesome amount of heat from end to end. When you factor in the 348 sq. in. of usable grilling surface, you will conclude that this baby can sing.

And she continues to sing long after ignition. Like an opera singer bouncing notes off an acoustic auditorium, the STOK Gridiron retains and radiates heat beautifully. I even timed it; 600 degrees in under 2 minutes. Instant gratification compliments of your children’s standing ovation, after all, they hate waiting on dinner.

Be sure to watch my unboxing/review video above!

I gain a sense of pride from stamping photo-worthy grill marks on steaks and burgers. The porcelain-coated cast-iron grates combined with that lazerbeam of heat generates a sear that rivals my Weber. Just be mindful of that heat; since the grill utilizes just one burner, finding an indirect heating source can be tricky. I found the perimeter edges ideal for this scenario since you’re interrupting the radiant heat. I’m not a scientist though, these are just my experiences…your milage may vary.

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The STOK Gridiron is as rugged and durable as the name implies. Always a concern with these portable grills is the stability of the unit; the Gridiron was solid during all aspects of use except when cleaning the grates…it got a lil wobbly. The grill folds down easier than any of our baby strollers and takes up less space as well. This grill should fit nicely in our future RV basement storage giving us outdoor cooking convenience in any part of the country.

One other feature needs mentioning: the STOK Grill Insert System. Check out that link for the amazing assortment of accessories that extend the capabilities of the STOK lineup. If you’re considering the portable grill route, might I suggest the Vegetable Basket. While the Gridiron is large for its class, the basket will make veggies cooking and cleanup a snap. I’ll have some simple recipes in a future blog post, so stay tuned. Also, the Gridiron does not include the Insert Removal Handle, you must purchase separately.

Yes. If you’re shopping portable grills, add this dude to your shortlist. The STOK Gridiron Gas Grill is feature-packed and yet amazingly affordable.

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