5 Lego Movie inspired sets we want to play with, #TheLEGOMovie

In Product, Promotional by Chris

We like Lego. Correction. We love LEGO! You can imagine the excitement had by Lego fans around the world when The Lego Movie was announced. The introduction of movie-inspired Lego play-sets was inevitable. Pal and I were doing our weekly shopping at Target this week for the essentials (which somehow always includes walking through the toys section), when we came across the retailer’s Lego Movie promotional end cap. It was packed full of Lego sets and other merchandise inspired by the new Warner Bros. flick. Luggage tags and pen/pad merch aside, we picked through the new Lego sets and built a list of our top five favorites! Here’s the legal part: the opinions expressed below are my own and not that of Lego.
#5. TRASH CHOMPER (70805)
The Trash Chomper caught my son’s eye with it’s dominant green color. It’s his favorite color. But also, the teeth, which were strikingly aggressive and unique from the other available sets. According to the box, the garbage truck converts into a flying attack vehicle as well, so it has variation beyond the initial build. There are 389pcs total, including 3 minifigures and accessories. There’s value here, but priced slightly high at $29.99
Trash Chomper
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