BIG HERO 6: Where is the Hidden Easter Egg Video & Hidden Mickeys?

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Where is Disney’s hidden BIG HERO 6 Easter Egg video?

Good news! Finding the hidden video containing all of those delicious Big Hero 6 Easter Eggs is actually pretty simple. It is hidden within the Special Features section, selectable through the menu bar. Once inside this section, scroll left through the options — you won’t see the Easter Egg video at first — because it’s also a hidden Easter Egg!

Press the UP button on your Blu-ray remote and a hidden Baymax will appear to the left of the screen. Press enter and your video will appear. Watch my Youtube video below for a visual demonstration. You might also scroll down as I list points of interest (with pause times), including Disney’s next big film, Zootopia and the highly sought hidden Mickeys!

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Where are the pause-worthy Easter Eggs and Hidden Mickeys in Big Hero 6?

You can find most of this information in the Blu-ray video, but here it is for owners of the Digital Copy or have already seen the movie in theaters. This is also a clever cheat sheet with pause times!

Frozen Easter Eggs

Disney Animators chose two recent movies as inspiration for most of the film’s Easter Eggs. The most obvious is Frozen. This is Disney’s most successful film in recent years because it’s so awesome!

  • There is a Hans statue in the courtyard of Fred’s Mansion at [00:57:23]. Baymax tests his rocket fist against the dapper statue of Hans, making this Easter Egg easy to spot!
  • A statue of Olaf the Snowman is cleverly placed upon the walkways of Downtown San Fransokyo. It occurs at [00:59:47] during Hiro and Baymax’s test-flight of the upgraded suit just before they enter the subway tunnel. You will have to pause the Blu-ray for a glimpse at this Easter Egg!
  • It’s Hans again! This time (and rightfully so) Hans is displayed on a ‘Wanted Poster’ behind the officer at the San Fransokyo Police Station [00:36:37]. This is one of my favorite surprises of the movie and you won’t have to pause to catch it!
  • Don’t miss that painting of Arendelle at [00:51:35]. It’s one of the paintings in Fred’s mansion, but it’s a little blurry and very brief so pause and look close.
  • The creator’s of Big Hero 6 suggest that these Frozen Easter Eggs arrived to San Fransokyo by boat. Near the beginning of Baymax’s flight at [00:59:15], the duo fly over a harbor, and for a brief moment you can spot a large sailboat from Frozen that also happens to have a large Olaf sculpture attached to the bow.

Sound off below if you were able to catch all of the Frozen Easter Eggs!

Wreck-It Ralph Easter Eggs
Wreck-It Ralph also receives quite the tribute throughout Big Hero 6. This is one of my favorite animated movies of all-time, so I was very happy to see it represented so frequently in the Blu-ray release. Also, there are many more Wreck-It Ralph Easter Eggs than Disney’s cute hidden video will lead you to believe. I don’t think I’ve found them all yet, but here are some of my finds as well as pause points for the rest!

  • The first Easter Egg was found in the early trailers of Big Hero 6. Many Egg Hunters talk about the static billboard above a San Fransokyo High Rise, but there’s an even better one! There is an animated cut-scene from the Fix-It Felix arcade game in this same sequence. Watch this video and tell me if you see it!
  • You can find this Easter Egg any time Hiro hangs out in his bedroom. Take a look above his computer monitor. Did you see it? Yup, that little action figure stuck to the top is actually mini-Ralph. It looks like he’s about to WRECK-IT! You can find him at [00:06:45].
  • I love this next one! In Fred’s secret hideout, he has a statue of Ralph covered in candy goop! Check it out behind the team at [00:53:20].
  • Hero and Fred have many shared interests and so they collect the same things, like pristine statues of Hero’s Duty Armored Figurines. Hiro’s statue falls on top of him when his bedroom shelves break apart at [00:27:41], and Fred’s figure is proudly displayed on an accent table in his Secret Hideout [00:54:01].
  • There are also Cy-Bugs everywhere… because well, that’s what Cy-Bugs do! There are are two of particular note and the first you’ll find during the scene where Tadashi is lecturing his brother about bot fighting [00:06:45]. The Cy-Bug is on a set of shelves along the wall above Hiro’s computer. Fred also collects Cy-Bugs and you can find his critter at [00:51:58], on his shelves of collectables.
  • Sateen also makes an appearance! You can find his Easter Egg at [00:53:20].

You will be busy pausing the Blu-ray, so I’ll wait for you. Go!

Hidden Mickeys
Admittedly, I never saw these the first 10 (yes, 10!) times I watched the movie. Thanks to that Hidden Easter Egg Video, we finally get a glimpse of the highly sought-after Hidden Mickeys.

  • Pause your video at exactly [00:45:28] if you want to see the first set of hidden Mickey ears. They are spray painted on the side of some shipping containers.
  • This one is my favorite! Pause the movie at [00:57:42], it’s the point where Hiro climbs aboard Baymax for their test-flight. There it is! The logo on Hiro’s sneakers is actually Mickey ears!

Miscellaneous Easter Eggs
There are so many Easter Eggs, too many to list, but here are a few more interesting entries.

  • You can find Maximus the horse from Disney’s Tangled in a painting in Fred’s Mansion at [00:51:31]!
  • Stan Lee (Marvel counts as Disney!) can be found in a family portrait at [00:51:38] and then he makes a cameo in the best after-credit scene ever made! Fast forward past the rolling credits for this one!
  • Bolt and Esther are friends of San Fransokyo’s finest at [00:36:45]. Look for the small picture frames on his desk, just right of the computer. And is that Chicken Little in the picture frame on the left side of the desk?
  • This is not confirmed, but the creator’s of Tangled might also be ‘Wanted Men’. Just look behind the police officer at the bulletin board [00:35:14]. Check here for a comparison image.
  • Everyones favorite blue alien, Stich, also makes several appearances in Big Hero 6. Once at [00:38:11] right behind Hiro in a picture frame. “Mochi, that darn cat” is wearing a Stitch hat! The other Easter Egg is Stitch as a bed pillow in Fred’s secret hideout at [00:52:59].
  • No! That is not Steve Jobs at [00:16:06]. These gentlemen are the creators of this awesome movie! Ed Catmill (Pixar and Disney Animation Studios President, not Steve Jobs), Andrew Millstein (Disney Animation Studios President), John Lasseter (Executive Producer) and Roy Conli (Producer) are admiring the entries at this year’s Robotics Showcase.
  • The super hero family The Incredibles are action figures in Fred’s magnificent collection [00:52:09]
  • Disney’s animated short film Feast (the one shown before Big Hero 6) also gets a shout out in the form of graffiti. The sprig of parsley is spray painted against an alley wall at [00:44:35], as well as the word “feast” spelled out in greek lettering and paw prints.
  • The “A113” California Institute of Arts call-out is expertly placed in the electronic diagrams at [00:56:13]!
  • Lastly, Disney Animation Studios’ next film, Zootopia, makes a quick appearance in the test-flight sequence. Check it out at [00:59:46]. Honey Lemon’s phone case is the fox from this new film too [00:16:55]. Get more info about the film on IMDb. Zootopia comes to theaters on March 4, 2016.

There you have it! Now before you go and flame me about missing stuff, let me say it again, this is not a complete list. There are so many hidden surprises, I cannot possibly find or list them all. Go Google “Big Hero 6 Easter Eggs” if you want to continue down that rabbit hole, but beware, Easter Egg hunting can become an addiction!

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