Review: Walking With Dinosaurs

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Pal and I reviewed Walking With Dinosaurs a few months ago. It’s a great story that we recommend you check out ASAP. Here’s our YouTube review.

The Blu-ray release hits store shelves on March 25th, however, it’s available right NOW on digital format from HD streaming service, M-GO. Check it out today! The digital streaming format is a rapidly growing segment due to its relative ease of use and the explosion of handheld devices. M-GO works on phones, tablets and laptops, making it the ultimate travel companion. It also works on desktop computers, which in our case, we were able to stream (with Airplay) Walking With Dinosaurs to our AppleTV.

If using Safari Web Browser, signing up for M-GO can be somewhat cumbersome. I’ve experienced this before on other sites using Safari, avoid allowing the browser to autofill your information and the process moves along a whole lot smoother. Once logged in, I was rewarded with 2 free movies just for signing up! Bonus! Also, M-GO has partnered with Ultraviolet to allow your titles from there, to be consolidated over here. No swapping between apps for different movies. M-GO is an all-in-one solution.

Once we purchased our copy of Walking With Dinosaurs, we were immediately streaming. This is important because with other streaming apps I’ve used in the past, they take way too much time initializing, buffering or whatever it is they’re doing while you sit there and wait. That wasn’t the case here. It just worked, and worked fast. Tip: if you’re going to be moving towards digital streaming, look into your internet provider plans for the recommended speed.

The M-GO service allowed our family to just enjoy the movie without the pain. Pal absolutely adores Patchi, so we printed out some coloring pages to accompany our movie time. You can also enter to win a Blu-ray copy of the movie! I’ve included a link here so you can share the coloring fun with your kids and enter to win.

Asher with Walking With Dinosaurs Coloring

Asher with his WWD coloring page!