Chaotic MINIONS Disappoints Dad, Delights Kids

In Movie, Review by Chris

The Minions return this weekend in a prequel to the successful (and better) Despicable Me movies.


The little, yellow creatures existed on Earth long before Gru recruited them as his faithful henchmen. In fact, minions have been serving villains as far back as the Jurassic era. Fast forward to the age of mankind and the minions are obsessing over finding a new boss. That endeavor is fulfilled if three of the minions, Stuart, Kevin and Bob (all voiced by Pierre Coffin) can steal Queen Elizabeth’s crown for the world’s preeminent evildoer, Scarlett Overkill (Sandra Bullock).

There’s no doubting the cuteness and appeal of the minions, after all, that’s what earned the henchmen their cameo film. But unlike the Despicable entries, this flick is an undeniable mess. The pill-shaped creatures can’t carry a full-length feature…at least it didn’t for this dad. However, Minions isn’t an onion for dad (or mom) to peel away and expose. That onion is meant to activate your children’s tears as they roll around in uncontrollable laughter. It’s zany and loud and utterly chaotic. I wanted to remove my eyes and ears. If you can avoid it, save your sanity. If not, at least your kids will be wildly entertained for 90-minutes.