Review & Giveaway: Coming Home for Christmas DVD

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Coming home to DVD is a soon-to-be holiday classic: Coming Home for Christmas. Despite a crowded narrative, Coming Home‘s message is one of communication and the importance of family ties.

Kate (Carly McKillip) and Melanie (Britt McKillip) weren’t always estranged sisters, not at least until the two had a falling out on Mel’s wedding day. Five years later and the rivalry has torn the family apart, resulting in their parents separation and the family home foreclosed. The sisters must learn to forgive each in other in an effort to save the family. The siblings devise a plan to bring the family together in their old home on Christmas. However, the home is now owned by someone else.

Coming Home for Christmas is a heart-warming tale of reuniting family and overcoming differences, however, heavy-handed writing tends to detract from that message. From a foster-cared marine to a time-capsule, the film presents new directions without fully exploring or effectively interweaving them within the primary plot goals. The two headlining actresses’ have well-placed moments to share their vocal talents that bring the audience back in when the film lingers. Coming Home for Christmas deserves a place in family-holiday movie collections, though it may play better to 25+ aged audiences. Lindsay and I enjoyed cuddling on the couch for this one.

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