Decepticon Junkheap knows Waste Management

In Movie, Promotional by Chris

Just last week, Transformers: Age of Extinction made its debut in theaters and put an exclamation point on summer blockbuster fun. Families and Transformers fans everywhere combined for an unprecedented box office opening.

Here at the Talking Dad, we’ve been reviewing a fantastic sampling of Hasbro’s new toys based on the infamous ‘robots in disguise.’ Over the course of the year, the toy maker will continue releasing new Autobots and Decepticons found in the film.

One such Transformer is the Decepticon Junkheap. This robot disguises itself as a rear-loader truck from the Waste Management fleet. Once again proving that Hasbro is in a class of their own; this toy in vehicle mode looks ridiculously cool and realistic! In robot mode, Junkheap is a brooding menace ready to do battle with the Autobots. You will never look at your collection truck the same way again! Waste Management’s Junkheap is in stores this fall.

Two Sweepstakes to celebrate Transformers: Age of Extinction:

#WMtransformation Sweepstakes
To celebrate Junkheap’s debut, Waste Management is giving away a trip to Paramount Studios in their #WMtransformation Facebook Sweepstakes! Contest entrants have an opportunity to win a pass to see the film while in theaters. Best hurry, the sweepstakes closes July 7th, 2014.

Go Green at the Box Office Sweepstakes
Junkheap took a break from the robot conflict to generously provide our readers with free movie passes to see Transformers: Age of Extinction. There are only a limited quantity available, so enter the contest form below. We’re rewarding additional entries to win, just for sharing your tips at “going green at the box office.” For instance, did you know most theaters don’t offer a recycling program? Grab a refill after the movie and recycle the popcorn tub at home!

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