Review: Rise of the Guardians

In Movie, Review by Chris

Dreamworks’ newest animated film about the world’s most well-known mythical mascots teaming up to save the innocence of all children, is just short of a soulless money-grab.

Pitch (Jude Law) is the Boogeyman, setting out to rob children of their memories of North (Alec Baldwin), Tooth (Isla Fisher), Bunny (Hugh Jackman) and the Sandman. They are the world’s beloved guardians. Jack Frost (Chris Pine) is unknown to kids – making him invisible to them. The guardians must recruit Frost in order to defeat Pitch, or risk becoming invisible to children as well.

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Rise of the Guardians is a half-hearted attempt to innovate the holiday-themed film territory, wasting away any originality it may have had. Who doesn’t want Santa and the Easter Bunny joining the Avengers team? For the most part, that’s what you get – plenty of fast-paced fight scenes. It’s the narrative that takes the back seat in Santa’s sleigh. The story just isn’t that interesting.

If you’re jonesing for Super-Toothfairy, I recommend Arthur Christmas, followed by The Avengers instead. Life of Pi and Red Dawn are also in theaters this weekend.

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