What was our favorite RV travel destination!

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Full disclosure: I was not provided compensation for the following post...though I'd certainly take it if offered!

I'm not comfortable being the most interesting person in the room. Even writing that sentence triggers anxiety. But whenever the topic of our family's full-timing adventure presents itself, a barrage of questions inevitably follows. I think these inquisitive people imagine themselves doing the same, but don't quite know how to make it work. That's a topic I can go on and on about and it's perhaps an entire post in itself. Stay tuned I guess. Today though, I want to answer the question we get most:

What was your favorite place to visit?

That question is easy AND complicated. The easy answer is simply any of our fantastic National Parks and Monuments. Now we certainly haven't stayed at all of them, only a handful in fact, but there is no denying the beauty of our nation's prized park system. You simply can't do better than that while traveling and living via recreational vehicle.

The complicated part of that question is choosing exactly which National Park is our favorite. I'm gonna answer that question, but just a tad more creatively. And this is where I segue into NFT...

You might now be asking what the heck does NFT (or what the heck is NFT?) have to do with telling us your fave park? Frankly, not much other than the fact that this particular NFT I'm about to share with you cares deeply about our National Park System. And I thought the associated artwork would be a neat way to help answer this pressing query.

Introducing...the National Parks NFT!
National Parks NFT
There's definitely a lot of crap and scam NFT collections crowding the space right now. The National Parks NFT however, in my opinion, doesn't fit that bill by a mile. I love, love, LOVE this particular collection. First and foremost, the artwork by mick.nft is fanciful and elegant in its simplicity. I encourage you to click-through to his tik-tok profile linked above and watch how he creates the nearly 5000 images included in the offering. It's fascinating. If I'm lucky enough to grab one, I'm looking forward to displaying the works on our Meural frame (which just added NFT support by the way).

But artwork aside, there are two aspects to an NFT project that are important to me: social cause and utility. If you hadn't guessed it already, the National Parks NFT project (which isn't an official National Park Service entity) is working to "support the work of the National Parks Foundation, the official charity of America’s national parks and other park and environmental charities." As an RV family and outdoor enthusiasts, this project simply speaks to us in so many ways. And with NFTs garnering so much attention right now, there's no better time than now to remind our fellow Americans the nearby bounty of majestic views and experiences we must continue to protect.

How about utility then? If you're like me, you're not looking at NFTs to get rich quick. In fact, with the impact crypto is having on the environment, it's important that an NFT provide real utility versus just vanity. Some of that utility comes in the form of social cause as outlined above, but on a more personal level, I ask what the project can do for me. The National Parks NFT Club promises to add value in the form of exclusive giveaways and experiences. Basically, if you stick around long enough, you're entered into various drawings for annual park passes, outdoor gear, photography experiences, and (hopefully) much more to come later.

So what about our original query? Which is our favorite National Park? Let me answer that with one of the artworks in the National Parks NFT collection...

White Sands

I thought about this for a while, and flip-flopped many times. I loved trekking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Trails are a blast throughout the Great Smoky Mountains. Go observe the ruins at Mesa Verde you guys! But I kept coming back to White Sands. The place is simply otherworldly. It just doesn't make sense, but it doesn't matter when you're sledding dunes and picnicking in the scorching desert landscape!

Hopefully you and your family can get outside and visit some of national treasures soon. If you're interested in investing in the National Parks NFT project, head on over to the Discord server and chat with your fellow campers.