What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

In Lifestyle, Parenting by Chris

In between folding laundry, changing diapers and teaching letter sounds, stay-at-home parenting affords fleeting moments of reflection. Every once in a while I ponder about life after staying home.

I was one of those 6-year college students that never committed to a major and quit because of work and finances….life eventually caught up to me. Probably worst of all, I lacked ambition.

Today is different. I have a beautiful, successful wife and two super-active boys. I am fortunate. But will this lifestyle be sustainable, or even necessary when the kids run off to school?

If I had followed my childhood dreams, today I’d be fighting fires or catching crooks. According to my high school music instructor, with a little more effort, I could have sung professionally, though, she may not have been genuine in that praise. Or was it criticism?! Either way, none of the above are viable careers anymore. Blogging isn’t a lucrative venture, it is more or less a hobby and connection to the outside world. I enjoy designing web pages, but work is never a guarantee, a supplemental income at best. I could go back to retail, but the hours are all over the place.

But do I have to decide now? I don’t think so. Truth is, I am enjoying this stay-at-home career. It’s tough work, but I get to witness the most precious years of my kid’s lives. I can articulate their development to mommy better than any daycare or nanny ever could. I know they are safe and I know they are loved.

What do I want to be when I grow up? I’ll just focus on being a great dad.