Our epic RV adventure begins

In Lifestyle, RV Living by Chris

An epic adventure awaits our family this fall as we begin to close the chapter on the wonderful years we’ve spent living in Michigan.

We grew our family in the Great Lakes State, and we met new lifelong friends. We became fans of Detroit’s professional sporting teams and downtown culture and architecture. Our kids got to experience cider mills, summer festivals, comic-con and the outrageously fun Michigan Renaissance Faire. We only scratched the surface of what Southeast Michigan has to offer, but we made the best of our time.

Having been fortunate enough to raise our children with one parent at home while the other works has strengthened our bond as partners, although it’s not always rainbows and unicorns. The biggest issue we faced was when we realized we were crowding our lives with too much stuff. We expected rather than appreciated. Our obsession with stuff trickled down to our kids as well. Tired of maintaining such complexity we decided on a change of pace.

They say time waits for no one, and when opportunity presents itself you seize it. We feel that moment has arrived for our family.

Beginning this fall we are ditching the American Dream and realizing our own wildest dreams. We’re making the entire U.S. our address. We’re going to live, travel and work in an RV.

It’s not as roadiculous as it sounds. There is a growing segment of the population embracing a minimalist lifestyle, whether it be on the road or a tiny home. Here are a few blogs we’re following.

We began by donating the bulk of our closets to local charity while selling off lesser important gadgets, tools and furnishings. There’s a big yellow “For Sale” sign firmly planted in the lawn and interest in our home has been overwhelming. Our adventure is quickly approaching.

We are researching RVs and bus conversions. We’re making lists of road essentials and road schooling curriculums.

Our family is cordially inviting you to join along as we embark on this adventure. From RV purchasing and preparation, to documenting life on the road, we’re going to share it on social media and our blog. Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Is there a certain aspect of this lifestyle you’re particularly interested in? Let us know in the comments or hit us up on Twitter.