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About Roadiculous – Meet the Rebel Crew

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Our Story

Lindsay and I met in Albuquerque, New Mexico about 10 years ago. We worked together for a number of years at a major retailer. We were very competitive, but we clicked outside of work sharing similar interests (especially craft beer), values, and life goals. We would eventually tie the knot in fabulous Las Vegas before making a move to Detroit, Michigan to pursue professional endeavors.

After a number of years in Michigan, we came to the conclusion that we had amassed too much stuff. A house full of furniture. Closets of clothing. Overflowing toy boxes. Life had become overwhelming and our appreciation for it waned. About this time, our jobs presented an opportunity to work from home, but instead we decided to sell everything and hit the road full-time in our motorhome.

We have three beautiful boys. They are extremely energetic and undeniably silly. They love sports and playing outside with friends. They are very social kids. We almost always call our children by their nicknames: Palbie, Pookie and Baby-J.

About Roadiculous

Our focus is to talk about the full-time RV lifestyle from a family perspective. Our audience ranges from young families to frequent travelers, homeschoolers to tech-savvy professionals. We live, travel and work from our 43′ Entegra Motorhome. We can be found traveling up and down the east coast and parts of the midwest. While we aim to educate our audience on embracing this lifestyle, we occasionally review toys, RV products and RV resorts as well. We have fun creating stories through sponsored campaigns too. My work has been featured on Dad 2.0 Summit, MoviePilot.com, Life of Dad, 98.7 AMP Radio and MovieReelist.com. We’ve worked with XY Media, Hasbro, VTech, Disney, Pepto-Bismol and many more. To inquire about working with us, please send an email to chris[at]roadiculous.com.

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Meet the Crew


Big time movie fanatic and pop-culture geek. Proud stay-home Dad and RV Captain. Loves his family, the San Antonio Spurs, Green Chile, Craft Beer, sand people and desert cantinas.


The gamer. Can't get enough Minecraft, YouTube and paper airplanes. Annihilator of fastballs, toys and stormtroopers.

Baby J

Baby tough guy. Loves snuggling mommy and tickle bouts with daddy. Not afraid to roll around with his older Jedi brothers.


Work-from-home Mom and Pinterest enthusiast. Refined Jedi skills by way of healthy organic fruits and vegetables, and numerous beach vacations. Dedicated to her family and delicious kambucha.


Best buds with Boba Fett and Minnie Mouse. Chick-chick-boom is his tagline, we're not sure why. His long hair is freaking rad brah.


Just a sassy kitty. Keep an eye on this one, she may have turned to the dark side.

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