A Life Fulfilled: Love, Fun, and Fatherhood

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There’s this old adage about love, that “you don’t know true love until you’ve become a parent.” I’m sure you’ve heard of it, and perhaps you’ve agreed with the sentiment.

The love I have for my children is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, but this statement about knowing true love is much too basic. It’s a generalization rather than productive view of one of life’s most complex emotions. True love reveals itself in many shapes and sizes – becoming a parent sits somewhere (high) on that spectrum.

The birth of our first son inspired an understanding of love’s intricacies. It was an overwhelming epiphany that validated feelings for my wife, my parents and siblings, and the relationships I built through the years. Like many great men before me, I cried tears of joy. Tears not only from the beauty of life, but the sudden wave of insight. I understood love.

While true love is felt long before the birth of a child, some things change when you have kids. Parents have an immense desire to protect and provide for their children. For some parents, that means getting their kids into the very best schools, for others, it means providing material things. Cheers to your own definition. For us, it meant providing our kids with experiences. It’s why we sold all of our belongings and hit the road in search of adventure in an RV.

Had it not been for having children, I would have continued working to the bone. I give thanks to my babies for reminding me of the value of fun. Today, fun is the priority. Whether it be snorkeling with sting rays, home schooling at the Smithsonian, or driving hundreds of miles to explore new campgrounds, we are always having fun; and for every monument or mountain we may encounter, this adventure through fatherhood is a lesson about love, and a life fulfilled.

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