Travel Log #1: BIG HOLIDAY Road Trip inspired by Pee-wee

In Lifestyle, RV Living by Chris

We’re here at basecamp Indianapolis where we’ve spent the last four weeks hanging out with family and (once again) servicing the RV. But now that everything is (hopefully) in working order, it’s time we hit the road for a Big Holiday!

If you haven’t heard, Pee-wee Herman’s new movie will debut on Friday, March 18th. It’s called Pee-wee’s Big Holiday and it’s available only on Netflix! Pee-wee’s Playhouse and especially Pee-wee’s Big Adventure are treasured childhood favorites, so we’re excited to join Pee-wee in this new adventure.

We are drawing inspiration from Pee-wee’s new film for the next leg of our full-timing story. It seems Pee-wee has become very comfortable in his small home town, until a chance encounter with a stranger inspires Pee-wee to hit the road. You see, we too have become comfortable sticking close to home in our RV. We haven’t yet left the midwest since we started this lifestyle, mostly because of nerves. But that excuse isn’t good enough, we have the means to travel and that’s just what we’re going to do.

We’ve mapped out our own Big Holiday consisting of 10 pitstops through 15 states. Our trip includes the sandy white beaches of Destin, the historic French Quarter, and of course Pee-wee’s favorite landmark, the Alamo! We are very excited! We’re setting sail in just a few days at the start of Spring Break so make sure you are following us on Instagram and Twitter for daily updates. If you have any suggestions for RV Resorts and area attractions, please feel free to reach out on any of our social channels.

“LATTIHTBG…Look at the time, I have to be going.”

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