How the AT&T Unite hotspot gets #LifeConnected for RV Data Warriors

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The AT&T Unite for GoPhone by Netgear combines blazing speed, simplicity and extendability into one portable, unobtrusive package.

Disclaimer: I was offered free product for purposes of this review. Opinions are my own.

Chances are if you shopped the AT&T Unite in-store, you received excellent service in setting-up this ultra-cool device. For that reason, we’re gonna skip the set-up process. It’s a good idea to either research previous bills or use this nifty calculator to understand your data needs and purchase a GoPhone Data Plan that most closely matches your average monthly consumption.

Getting connected with AT&T Unite

Getting our mobile devices and laptops connected to the AT&T Unite’s WiFi broadcast signal was super simple. The bright touchscreen display on the Unite is clutter-free, with the network name and current password easily accessible. Passwords and network names can be changed and hidden from the home screen if desired. The Unite provides access for up to 10 different devices, enough for every family member and more. The total of our devices (2 iPhones, 2 iPads and 1 MacBook Pro) quickly found the hotspot, verified the password, and began humming along nicely on the internet. Walking through the house, a tri-level structure, my laptop never dropped signal. We live in a 4G LTE area, so download speeds were ridiculously fast and videos were buttery smooth! It’s important to note that these speeds vary by location, so do your research before hitting the road.


RV Usage

Truth be told, we didn’t test the AT&T Unite in our RV this trip, although I firmly believe it is a perfectly capable (and affordable) RV hotspot option. That’s because the AT&T Unite is expandable through 4G/3G signal amplifiers and WiFi extender antennas. We see the Unite living behind a cabinet with the antenna piped through to the RV’s rooftop. That should provide us a significant area of WiFi when roaming the camp site. And if we’re in good cellular coverage, we can easily detach the AT&T Unite and use it in our tow-vehicle so the kids can remain connected while exploring the local landscape. With battery life offering up to 10 hours, this hotspot is extremely versatile. For additional details and ideas, visit the WiFi Family Blog, or connect on Facebook and Twitter.


The AT&T Unite for GoPhone by Netgear is available for $79.99 from your local AT&T store. As always, if you have any specific questions about how we got our #LifeConnected using the AT&T Unite, please reach out in the comments below or connect with me on Twitter.