3 laps at over 150mph, NASCAR ride equals unforgettable Xperience

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Disclaimer: The family and I spent the day at Michigan International Speedway where I was able to take a 150-mph 3-lap ride in a NASCAR, courtesy of Xperience Days. I was asked to share my experience. The opinions expressed are my own and not that of the sponsor.

The Website
I’d like to introduce you to XperienceDays.com, a site for anyone searching out a unique and affordable gift for their loved one. Personal flights in a Cessna over Detroit, Tandem Skydiving in Tecumseh, even in-home cooking lessons with a professional chef – many more experiences are within grasp and budget when looking for an amazing gift experience!

From a consumers perspective, getting signed up for an experience is pain-free on XperienceDays.com. The website is intelligently organized by location, as well as activity, making it super easy to match the right experience to the participant. The site allows customers to purchase ‘experience gift certificates’, so date and time of the event may be worked out by the participant themselves. Personally, I always thought a NASCAR ride would be incredibly expensive, but after research, I was surprised by how affordable this thrill is.

The Xperience
The day of my NASCAR experience involved a short drive to Michigan International Speedway (MIS). This was my first visit to the venue, a two mile D-shaped track tucked away in the scenic hill country near Brooklyn. MIS is commonly referred to as the fastest track in NASCAR due its long straightaways and high banking curves. Why I decided to research that fact minutes before my ride….I have no idea. Arrival to the track involved what turned out to be a daunting cruise onto the center field near pit road, Nextel Cup cars are constantly racing by at extremely high speeds – the experience becomes very real.

The beauty of Xperience Days and their partners (in this case, Track Time Racing Schools) is the impressive customer service, it really is top level. Participants must meet certain criteria, like age, height and weight limits, and sign (of course) a liability release form. I’m a big guy, but within guidelines and well aware of the dangers of high speed racing, so this portion was a snap. Overall, getting signed up and checked-in is easy.

After check-in, participants are directed to the fire suit preparation room. This is where having a bunch of family members armed with camera’s is very fun. Take lots of photos! I was crossing an item off my bucket list, so the anticipation and anxiety really hit a boiling point while suiting up.

Getting Suited Up

Heading out to the track is when I expected drivers and pit crew members to begin barking orders. Not the case. The team were extremely professional and encouraging. The instructor invited Pal (my 5yo) to take a closer look at the NASCAR truck his daddy was about to climb aboard, and my wife was invited to snap as many photos as she wanted. Never once did we feel pressured to hurry along so the next rider could participate.

Then, my 3 laps around the track. I dare anyone to take this ride and attempt to wipe the ear-to-ear smile off their face. It’s impossible. If you think 3 laps isn’t enough, well I can assure you, it is. The ride was just long enough for me to beg my wife to let me take the driving school (also available). Three laps of pulse-pounding, glued to the back of your seat, racing thrill – it is an adrenaline-fueled rush!

This was a moment I am an never going to forget. Not only because of the NASCAR ride, but because I could see the joy my family experienced. It’s all thanks to the pain-free service that Xperience Days offers customers. I encourage you to take a look at what is available near Detroit for your next adventure, or when looking for a gift that goes way beyond anything your loved one will ever see coming.

NASCAR Xperience