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How the AT&T Unite hotspot gets #LifeConnected for RV Data Warriors

In Lifestyle, RV Living, RV Tech by Chris

The AT&T Unite for GoPhone by Netgear combines blazing speed, simplicity and extendability into one portable, unobtrusive package. Disclaimer: I was offered free product for purposes of this review. Opinions are my own. Chances are if you shopped the AT&T Unite in-store, you received excellent service in setting-up this ultra-cool device. For that reason, we’re gonna skip the set-up process. …

STOK Recipe: It’za Pizza! Crispy tasty pies from the tailgate!

In Cooking & Grilling, Lifestyle by Chris

Pizza on the grill is next level delicious. The STOK The first meal of any new grill is a challenging decision, but the end result is a celebratory experience. Every week here at DadHQ, we have a delivery of fresh organic vegetables dropped off at the doorstep. Inside this week’s crate was an abundance of nature’s finest all complimenting one …

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Psst…Metro Times…How not to treat parents.

In Lifestyle, Parenting by Chris

Michael Jackman has a problem. You see, when it comes to Flower Day at Detroit’s Eastern Market, strollers are an undeniable, inexcusable nuisance. Moms and dads without the physical capability (or desire) for hours-long baby-wearing, just don’t belong among everyone else in search of spectacular garden deals. Listen, I’m no stroller jockey. I find it much easier to get around …