STOK Recipe: It’za Pizza! Crispy tasty pies from the tailgate!

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Pizza on the grill is next level delicious. The STOK The first meal of any new grill is a challenging decision, but the end result is a celebratory experience. Every week here at DadHQ, we have a delivery of fresh organic vegetables dropped off at the doorstep. Inside this week’s crate was an abundance of nature’s finest all complimenting one …

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Paleo Recipe: Easy Bison Burgers

In Cooking & Grilling, Lifestyle by Chris

I am quickly realizing that eating healthy doesn’t have to taste bad. My dieting strategy includes the Paleolithic (or Caveman) approach to nutrition. In a nutshell, it means eating foods that agree with human genetics, nothing refined or full of trans fats and sugars. Foods like grass-fed meats, seafood, fruits and vegetables, nuts and healthy fats are all great Paleo choices.